Haute Air, LLC


Haute Air is the exclusive provider of executive transportation aircraft to Digital Intelligence.  Haute Air provides a 2007 Cirrus Design SR22 GTSx G3 Turbocharged aircraft  to Digital Intelligence for the flexible and rapid transportation of personnel where ever they may be needed in North America. 

This aircraft has a top speed of 219 Knots, service ceiling of 25000 ft (onboard oxygen), and a state of the art Avionics package.  The factory delivered Avidyne Entegra avionics panel was completely replaced with the leading edge Avidyne Release 9 (R9 Platinum Version) system in late 2009.  The fully computerized avionics panel includes real-time Weather information (WSI/NOWRAD), TWX-670 stormscope, Traffic and Collision Avoidance System, Dual WAAS certified GPS navigators, Becker Mode S transponder, and a fully coupled AutoPilot.  The aircraft also includes Iridium satellite based telephone communications, LoPresti TriTips HID WingTip lights with Pulse Generator, and an AutoPilot Roll Servo upgrade.

This aircraft (N719ED) allows rapid transportation in almost any weather condition directly to customer locations on the most flexible schedule.  Digital Intelligence personnel routinely utilize aircraft provided by Haute Air aircraft to facilitate Forensic Network and Laboratory installations, premium maintenance response, on-site forensic casework, and other remote customer requirements.   Additionally, N719ED is the current Ground Speed Record Holder for Cirrus SR22 Aircraft at 344 Knots!:


Ed Van Every is the Operating Manager of the LLC and pilot of the aircraft.  He holds a Commercial Pilot's License with an Instrument Rating.